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Chartering Laws & Regulations
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  • The owner does not provide the crew; the charterer (person renting the boat from owner) selects and pays the crew.

  • A licensed Master is not required to operate the vessel.

  • The owner can recommend a list of Masters for the charterer to hire, but cannot stipulate that the owner make a selection solely from the list provided.

  • The owner can require the charterer to hire a crew with a preset level of qualifications.

  • All food, fuel, and stores are provided by the charterer.

  • All port charges and pilotage fees, if any, are paid by the charterer.

  • Insurance is obtained by the charterer, at least to the extent of covering liability not included in the owner’s insurance.

  • The charterer may discharge for cause, the Master or any crew member.

  • The vessel must be surveyed upon its delivery and return.

  • The charterer stands in the shoes of the owner of the vessel. The charterer has complete command, control, and possession of the vessel as it were his or her own.

  • The charterer assumes responsibility for the vessel operations within the maritime laws and regulations for the duration of the charter.

  • Any provision that tends to show retention of control of the vessel such as the owner being aboard during the charter of the vessel contradicts the claim that a valid bareboat charter exists.

  •  Limits of passengers are 12.

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