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Pier 6 Seafood Excursions

Have more time and want more out of your trip? Book a 6 hour trip to Pier 6 Seafood in San Leon for lunch or dinner. Enjoy a leisurely ride to the marina at Pier 6 and relax with your meal on board or a reserved table inside or out in the breeze. A premier restaurant serving oysters, signature cocktails and the freshest Gulf Coast seafood available, Pier 6 offers elevated chef designed cuisine in a special gathering place and is a culinary destination.

Pier 6 outside seating
Pier 6 dinner
Sitting area on pier 6
Multiple Oysters at Pier 6

Add Ons

We work with various third-party vendors to provide catering and customization and can create the perfect trip, all you have to do is ask.

Contact us for more information.

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